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About Us

Hello, my name is Annie Galindez, Chief Executive Officer of "Annie Maids I would like to tell you a little history.

As a homemaker, most of my time was spent cleaning and I would get sick inhaling the products that were sold at regular department stores. I have a dog that loved to follow me around my home while I did my everyday cleaning. One day I realized that "Dominoe' my dog was sick from the cleaning products i was using that had toxic chemicals in them That day I knew I had to do something. I went out looking for products that were earth, people, and animal friendly.

The main objective in launching "Annie Maids was the usage of Natural Products for cleaning which are environmentally friendly. My main concern is global warming and maintaining our Earth to its best possible state. Growing up, I was always doing chores and cleaning with my Mom. I remembered using products that were heavy in chemicals and made me sick cleaning. With extensive research, "Annie Maids" brings effective cleaning elements that are toxic free and help us live in a fresh, crispy clean environment at home and outside of home which is our Earth.

"Annie Maids" has a professional team that works together to accomplish a dust -free and spotless home or office for those that do not have the time to create a beautiful and relaxing clean environment. Our products are healthy but are strong enough to do the job. We take pride in our work and leave our customers smiling with joy. We use Natural Products that are allergic-free for animals and small children. These products do work. We guarantee excellent service. When our team enters your home or office, we will make sure t is given special attention. Nothing is left unturned and all furniture and appliances will be cleaned with our specialized natural cleaning products.

Annie Maids opened its doors in 2004 as the first all-natural cleaning service in South Florida. Annie Maids is not just any ordinary cleaning company, as a family-owned and operated organization, we use all-natural products. We are an environmentally friendly cleaning service, which also offers all-natural cleaning products Our products are made with organic essential o is that clean and disinfect any surface area, without any harsh chemicals. We safely sanitize to protect our word because we are a company that care about the environment and all those that inhabited we are sure to provide quality service to all of our clients for complete satisfaction.

Our Mission is Simple:

To educate people on the importance of using non-toxic products in their home’s schools, and workplaces. To provide people with services and products that are safer for our health, our children's health, our pet's health, and our earth's health. To provide these products at prices families can afford, and to make "alternative products the mainstream.

The service of Annie Maids will reduce the risk of chemical exposure to the faculty, students, and the environment Eliminating chemical exposure would reduce the likelihood of illnesses that can spread across campus

Annie Maids uses all-natural products and eco-friendly supplies. Annie Maids products and service are focused on preserving the environment for a better future.

Annie Maids donates 1% of its products proceeds to the fight against breast cancer. Going green may also help the campuses reputation for being recognized as an earth friendly university.

Annie Maids is a go-green company, which is hoping to inspire other organizations to go green as well. Annie Maids is a fully bonded and insured company.

Annie Maids has been recognized by, Our City of Weston Magazine as "Best Cleaning Service" for 2 years in a row and president, Annie Galindez, has been awarded "Business Woman of the Year" for 2 consecutive years.